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What is ASUS VivoBook AP? What can I do with this application? 


ASUS VivoBook is an ASUS feature AP under Windows 8. VivoBook AP could help you quick access to related common use without going to Window 8 desktop or searching for related applications.
These common use include:
             System Setting => help to launch "Control Panel" directly.
             My Computer => help to go to "Computer" directly.
             Power4Gear => Scenario Power Saving On/Off
             ASUS Tutor => Launch "ASUS Tutor" AP to learn how to use ASUS feature APs.
             System Information => check "System" information in control panel
             Quick Toggle => help to enable/disable Airplane mode, enable/disable touch pad, adjust the brightness and the volume.

(Please note software details may verify due to different shipping conditions.)

Related Model
R200E S200E S400CA

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